New Logo Launch | Say hello to the all-new Tark

Tark is helping organizations to achieve exceptional growth through innovative solutions. And now, our logo shows that, too. 

Today marks an exciting new day for Tark. We’re officially launching our new logo and a refreshed, all-new look. This isn’t just a cosmetic change; it reflects who we are and what we aspire to become.

Along with our customers, we’ve made immense progress over the past few years. From modern technologies and tools to expanded offices and partnerships, we continue to evolve. And it was time for our brand to evolve, too.

One thing that hasn’t changed? Our core mission. We’re relentlessly dedicated to helping organizations design and implement highly scalable and reliable software solutions.

And, we wished for a new logo that successfully communicates our milestones of evolution along with reflecting our growth philosophy.

Just like we walk the extra mile to help our clients, with our new logo, we have stepped out of our comfort zone and have ventured into doing something that we have never done so far. And, here through this blog, we wish to narrate the details of our exhilarating journey of revamping our logo identity.

Our old logo with a broad ‘T’ in a dark blue circle and a light blue reflection hovering over the ‘T’ was crafted during the early days of Tark.  At that time, when the logo was designed, it perfectly articulated the vision and mission of the company. However, with the evolving digital media and the introduction of more personalized and interactive logos in various domains, the old logo turned out to be redundant. As it was created with lighter colors, when the logo was placed on colors other than white, or with the colors tweaked wrong, the logo used to look charmless and didn’t justify its purpose. Our old logo lacked the contemporary look and the kind of passion that we as an organization practice every day to help our clients achieve their goals.

Our new logo represents the brand’s philosophy of growth in an enchanting manner. The orange square has a white arrow in it and a square adjacent to each other forms letter “T”. The arrow shows the company’s ideology about helping organizations grow with their innovative and thoughtful solutions to real-world problems. The square represents a bundle of innovative solutions we provide to our customers, which are also balanced with all important aspects of software engineering.

Lower case alphabets of Tark represents the spirit of the company, which is an approachable, credible, and human-centric culture that allows us to easily connect with people. Orange color indicates our limitless passion for new technology, forward-thinking approach, and our determination to provide innovative software solutions to our clients.

Check out the detailing of our new logo that redefines us as a brand that believes in constant up-gradation and thereby helping our clients to realize their full potential with our association as the software consultants and the creators. It is a thrilling start to our new journey of growth and success! At the heart of it will always be our customers and the benefits they will get through our services. You’ll also see visual changes around Tark aligning with this new direction: on our website, advertising, social media. Stay tuned!