Quality Assurance
and Testing
Faster time to market, pleasant customer experience and continuous evolution amid uncertainties are the most pressing concerns of businesses. Our engineers work with your team to identify, fix and prevent software quality issues through a blend of manual and automation testing. We also offer independent software quality assessment to help our clients manage cost, reduce time-to-market and increase ROI. Stay digitally assured with TarkTech QA!

Quality Assurance and Testing

Quicker time to market, amazing customer experience along with the continuous evolution amidst uncertainties are the most profound concerns of disruptive companies. As an IT consulting company, we understand your challenges best and work with you as your team to conquer them.

Full-Cycle Quality Assurance

At Tark, we are experts in making web and mobile apps issue free. We use number of software testing techniques to ensure smooth experience for product users.

Functional Testing

Functional testing ensure that software is meeting all requirement specifications and working exactly as expected.

Security Testing

Identify vulnerabilities in the system and ensures that the data and resources of the system are protected from an unauthorized access.

Performance Testing

We use performance testing techniques like load testing and stress testing to ensure that the system perform well under the heavy workload.

Compatibility Testing

It ensure that software/application work seamlessly on various devices, browsers, hardwares, operating systems ect.

Usability Testing

We take the help of real users to ensure that design of the system is user-centered and very easy to use for end users.

Localization Testing

We ensure that application is working as expected for targeted locale. It focuses on aspects like language, currency, date etc.


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Quicker time to market, amazing customer experience along with the continuous evolution amidst uncertainties are the most profound concerns of disruptive companies. As an IT consulting company, we understand your challenges best and work with you as your team to conquer them.

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Why Choose Us

We are India’s one of the fastest growing IT consulting company with a track record of 98%+ client retention rate. Here are some of the reasons that make us a reliable company in providing enterprise software development services:

Proficient QA Engineers

We’re a team of passionate developers, we praise extraordinary performance, attention to detail, honest and crystal clear communication, with a deep sense of time and budget.

100% Transparency

For us, transparency isn’t just about getting more business. More than that, transparency is about winning our customer’s trust and cementing relationships capable of withstanding tough times.

Seamless Communication

We assign a dedicated manager for every project who acts as your single point of contact. We conduct daily stand-ups, weekly demos and retrospective to assure timely updates and smooth collaboration.

Safeguarding Your Ideas

Your business idea protection is the matter of utmost priority to us. We always sign NDAs with our customers before starting the project. Being a reputed firm, we take confidentiality and privacy very seriously.

Super Secure Environments

To protect sensitive information from cyber threat, our development environments are super secured with proven and latest measures like firewall, VPN, End-point security, Multi-factor authentication.

No Billing Gurantee

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! However, if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work or the service we provided,  we promise to not charge you anything for it.

Hiring Models

Choose the offering that works best for your project

Fixed Price



Predictable budget

Set timelines

Lack of flexibility

Longer time-to-market

Minimal involvement in the project



Time & Materials



Low risk

High flexibility

Quick start

Small projects

Quick time-to-market

Regular involvement in the project


Dedicated Team



Predictable budget

Highest control

High flexibility

Quick start

Iterative process

Quick time-to-market

Constant involvement in the project

Frequently Asked Questions

QA testing companies offer an array of benefits as they help an entity establish a positive reputation, fulfil their clients’ needs and demands. When a business offers top-notch and consistent services, its credibility increases among customers, thereby increasing their chance of remaining relevant in the market. The QA team, at Tark, partakes in a project right from its initial stages in order to ensure that the final outcome aligns with your expectations and requirements. Needless to say, each company hopes to offer its customers a top-notch software that looks good and is free of bugs. Our QA team ensures that once a product is launched, no type of bugs disrupts the user experience. Furthermore, facilitating QA testing at an earlier stage ensures that the process is economical and it becomes easier to fix any potential bugs at a later point. However, in order to retain customers and maintain credibility, it is important to ensure that all the bugs are removed before the launch of the software.

Tark’s primary aim is to fulfil the requirements of its customers and align with their expectations. As we have been in the industry for many years and can boast of several QA experts on the team, the final product that we offer is always bug-free and matches industry standards. During each stage of product development, our team offers QA and software testing services. That is because we aim to offer an optimal product to our clients, with minimal errors. Hence, we understand the need to perform an extensive analysis of your systems and devise solutions pertaining to the execution process, apart from formulating a test plan during the planning stage. We aim to adhere to the set budget as well as the time constraints stated by our customers. Hence, this strategy is optimal for our objectives, as it is feasible to estimate the issues during the preliminary stages and develop solutions accordingly.

Yes! The IP contract incorporates this clause. Moreover, a strict NDA is also signed between us and our customers. Similarly, this clause is also signed between Tark and its employees. Furthermore, our processes are audited and our team is trained by our software development agency frequently. Hence, you can be assured that your intellectual properties will remain confidential.

Not at all. We interact with you regarding your project requirements, after which we quote an appropriate price based on the resource or services you need. We work hard to ensure that we adhere to the set quote.

Generally, the following steps are incorporated in an engagement process with TARK: We begin by holding exploratory discussions wherein the various areas of need are identified, following which, we assess if a mutually beneficial relationship can be formulated.

Technical discussion– In a few cases, this step occurs in tandem with the exploratory discussion. In this step, we discuss elaborately regarding the technical area- what you possess and what you are seeking.

Qualification call– In this step, we determine the various resources you require for your project. Before we undertake this step, we may submit resumes for you to consider.

Documentation– Before we begin the engagement, we complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to establish a professional relationship along with a Statement of Work (SOW) for the specific project. These documents incorporate the parameters of the relationship as well as the project, along with resources, costs, timeline and associated dependencies.

In order to ensure seamless communication, we leverage Skype and telephonic calls. To allow our customers to monitor progress at any point in time, they are given access to our project management tool or solution. In this particular period, the client can engage in discussions with either the whole team or the main resource(s). In case the client sees the need for us to work outside of our business hours, we comply with their requests, albeit for an additional charge.

Our recruitment process is robust and screens individuals for a holistic set of skills including programming expertise, leadership skills, in juxtaposition with emotional intelligence and general dedication. We, at Tark, train our members to offer optimal productivity with enhanced user experience every time.

Absolutely! We do offer a dedicated QA engineer committed to the specific project. Such QA engineer communicates directly with your development team and keeps you in the loop regarding project updates in a timely manner. Our QA engineer will take care of the overall project quality by ensuring that your software/app is working exactly as per the expectations.

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