Achieving a unified customer identity across sales channels with 95% accuracy

Achieving a unified customer identity across sales channels with 95% accuracy

Achieving a unified customer identity across sales channels with 95% accuracy

Pharma Tech Solutions by Tark

Business Challenges

  • The client is a pharmaceutical organization, which manufacturers and sells healthcare and wellness products for women
  • Due to the nature of business, there exist multiple marketing channels, like physicians, pharmacies, social media etc.
  • At the same time, there are multiple shopping channels, like the organization’s e-commerce website, Amazon etc. using which a customer can buy products
  • Additionally, the customer can use different identity (e.g. different email) while ordering products at a different point in time
  • Having a unified view about a customer/individual is crucial for effective business decisions, but it is equally challenging since customer can use different identities as well as different shopping channels while ordering products throughout the lifecycle


  1. Re-architected customer data model to provide holistic view about the customer, the products purchased by the customer as well as her interactions with customer care
  2. Designed and implemented customized deduplication logic, by leveraging customer demographic information, to automatically identify and merge duplicate users/customers as they are onboarded into the system, i.e. irrespective of the shopping channel or identity (email) used by the customer at the time of purchase
  3. Integrated and deployed the solution using well-known CRM product so that it effectively works for both type of customers, i.e. those who purchase products without any assistance from customer care team as well as those who need assistance from customer care team


  • Each unique individual is mostly represented as a unique customer, irrespective of the shopping channel or identity (email/username) used while purchasing the products
  • Holistic and up to date view about a customer, i.e. customer identity and communication information, purchase history, activities and interactions happened with customer care team etc.
  • Accurate insights for business about new and existing customers, their buying patterns etc., which further help the business to make effective business and strategic decisions
  • Since each unique individual is represented as a unique customer, the overall user experience improves throughout the lifecycle of customer engagement, e.g. marketing & promotions, rewards, customer services etc. This is more relevant since the engagement duration is usually months or years since a customer purchases products at a regular interval.

Client Feedback

In 2020, my company adopted Salesforce as its CRM.  We engaged a Salesforce Certified developer to configure and implement our environment.  Within months we discovered a variety of flaws in that implementation. We engaged a second firm in 2021 to help us resolve those flaws only to find that their solutions failed to deliver all the functionality we were seeking. Claiming budget overruns, they would only continue to work with us if we signed on for a second engagement.

After months of researching alternative vendors within my network, I was finally introduced to TARK.  TARK’s lead developer painstakingly mapped out all our internal processes, asked probing questions about our business objectives, and documented everything.  He then laid out a new object architecture strategy. This new architecture significantly simplified our processes, eliminating errors and duplicate records. Reporting under this new architecture was also much easier.  After thorough testing in a sandbox environment, we launched the new structure flawlessly.

Our user community was thrilled, and our support team’s trouble tickets were cut by two-thirds.

We have been so pleased with TARK that we signed on for a second engagement to introduce new functionality.

In my opinion, TARK excels in the following ways.

  • Exceptionally efficient architectural design
  • Deep probing of business requirements that go way deeper than the client expected
  • Rigorous testing to ensure all use cases are functioning properly
  • Post-launch support and training

The TARK team delivered for me where no one else could. I wholeheartedly endorse their work.

Mike H

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