Streamlining end-to-end restaurant operations with event driven architecture

Streamlining end-to-end restaurant operations with event driven architecture

Streamlining end-to-end restaurant operations with event driven architecture

Modern restaurant solutions by Tark

About Client

The client is a restaurant leveraging advanced technology solutions developed by Tark Technologies. They rely on a comprehensive suite of software applications to streamline their operations. This suite encompasses critical aspects such as Point of Sale, automated inventory tracking, integrated digital signage boards, and real-time recipe information to ensure consistent food preparation and quality. 

Business Challenges

As the system is deeply integrated into the restaurant’s operations, the client’s team expressed a need for automated alerts to keep them informed about specific events. These events include low inventory levels, out-of-stock sales products, extended order serving times, and device connectivity issues, among others. We needed the system to be able to: 

  • Trigger alerts/notifications on various events to keep interested users informed 
  • Allow different modules within the application to leverage the infrastructure for interoperability. For instance, the inventory module requires immediate updates when an order is served to maintain accurate inventory levels.  
  • It should be able to handle large volume of events 
  • The system should be very efficient, scalable, and should not compromise the application’s responsiveness. 


The Tark solution architecture team devised an innovative design that empowers every component of the application to raise events that trigger appropriate actions. When an event occurs, along with the necessary event-related information, it is placed in an event processing queue. To manage the high volume of events effectively, dedicated components are designed to process these events, ensuring scalability to meet changing demands. 


The event framework is engineered with clear and concise contracts while retaining the flexibility to accommodate various types of events, each with its own unique set of associated data. Furthermore, events can be pipelined to generate additional events as needed, creating a cascading effect. 


To enable real-time notifications for interested users, a dedicated component has been integrated into the architecture. This component listens for various events, generates personalized messages based on user-defined templates, and delivers them as real-time notifications. 


  1. Modular and Isolated Components: The disconnected design enables individual components, such as the order entry module, to focus on their core responsibilities without concerning themselves with related tasks. For example, the order entry module can raise an event when an order is served, without needing to manage inventory level adjustments. This modular approach ensures lean components and clear separation of concerns. 
  2. Cascading Event Capabilities: The event-driven architecture allows for cascading events, creating a seamless chain of actions. For instance, when an order is served, the system automatically triggers subsequent events to reduce inventory levels and calculate the availability of sales products. These operations occur in the background, guaranteeing uninterrupted application performance and responsiveness. 
  3. Real-time Notifications: The implementation of real-time notifications has proven invaluable to the restaurant’s operations teams. With immediate awareness of important events, they can promptly respond and take necessary actions. Whether it’s a low inventory alert or a delayed order, real-time notifications empower decision-makers to address issues swiftly, enhancing overall operational efficiency. 


By harnessing the power of event-driven software design, Tark Technologies has revolutionized the way our client manages their restaurant operations. The streamlined event processing and notification system have eliminated manual intervention, reduced response time, and ensured critical events are never overlooked. With our expertise in software design and consultancy, we empower organizations to unlock the full potential of their applications and achieve superior operational excellence. 

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